Finding the rhythm of the nowness
Growing roots on each step
Dreaming truth with a scarred body
Listening hard to the chants of the past
Balancing on the rope of here and there
While asking “Am I doing the fullness of me?”
Seeing the waves of emotion come and go
Wondering “Who are these voices chanting with me?”
As the rising and setting of days are way too similar to the cycles of the deaths we undergo in order to live brightly in the darkness of a womb-less world
... a world that created us and all else...
As the grains of potential amount to masterpieces and procrastinations and nothingness... Amount To huge mountains of depression corroded by waters of resilience, of manifestation, of love, of a relentless need to breathe... of unimaginable beauty within all the shedding... of unforeseen power... of timeless sight.

Being a creator in a womb-less world only shows...
“The world needs us! The world needs you! It needs this roller coaster of broken and fluid cycles of simply existing. It needs for us to know we are it, we are enough!”


Split Signs