There is an incredible power in connecting honestly to self. As a young female artist, I have a relentless, continuous and embodied investment in self-knowledge and self-discovery, simply because I am inspired by people’s creativity in manifesting resilience.

Subtle but incisive, my work creates spaces and moments of connection, which reveal people to themselves. I approach the body holistically and creatively as the point of departure.

For this reason, my artistic process always begins with an excavation of the self,with exercises of presence, in order to allow the burning themes to manifest and be addressed with authenticity. My honest connection and engagement with issues that are truly important to me builds further connection and engagement to those who witness and experience my work. Always approaching the body, specifically my body, as an abundant source of wisdom and creativity, has given me a tangible tool to create a link between my experiences and the experiences of those who are present with me in this process. It allows the discovery and revelation to be collective.