Healing is creating connection between elements that were once separated, whether it is internally or in relation to the external world. It is providing opportunities for revelation and discovery so that the flow of energy and harmony is re-established and nurtured. At the base of connection and revelation is acceptance and love in their many forms, which sometimes just need a bit of unlocking, space or nourishment to manifest themselves powerfully for us to see. It is in this sense that I am a healer, for the work that I do has this vision and intention at all times, regardless of what medium I chose to use.

Although I consider my artistic work to always provide the possibility for healing and thus connection, my main healing mediums are movement and touch. Through Yoga, Qigong, Taiji Quan and Massage Therapy, I share tools and insights into how to view abundance in oneself and with this, resourcefulness for healing. I wish to help people with their processes of healing, for they are the best ones to heal themselves.

In massage, appropriate touch and sensitive manipulations of skin, muscle and joints are ways of becoming aware of one’s own blockages. This aids in releasing and restoring oneself to natural flow. In movement such as Yoga, Taiji Quan, Qigong and other facilitated explorations, the building of mobility, strength, and flexibility in a gentle and appropriate manner with awareness and sensibility at the base of it, is what further reconnects the sense of self to the body.

The body is the physical manifestation of all that we are, so in it, I not only include the muscles and bones, but also the internal organs, the energy channels, the emotions and the doings of the mind. All these aspects influence and alter each other, and are influenced by the external world in which we navigate. All these aspects will aid you to heal once you become aware of them.