Adriana has been involved in a number of teaching projects. In 2017 she collaborated with Julia de Rosenwerth and Tania Vossgatter on ‘Movement Exploration Series’. In 2017 and 2018, Adriana was a guest movement teacher at the University of Cape Town, Music College (2017) and Centre for Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies (2018). And in 2018 she facilitated a workshop as part of the Curated Consciousness: I call you dance programme at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective.


When in comes to my movement classes, I draw from all of my influences gained over my years of training in diverse forms and practices, and I often also implement my research explorations, if appropriate.

My classes vary immensely depending on the student group and my research at the time. Generally they tend to be a mixture influenced by Intsika Technique (South African), Acogny Technique (Senegalese), Cuban Modern Dance (learnt in Mozambique) and Traditional Mozambican dances, with more open approaches such as release dance technique and improvisation tools gathered from several teachers and artistic processes I have experienced. I often use a balanced mixture when giving regular classes, but if teaching a workshop these will normally be theme based.

In all my classes I emphasise easefulness, abundance and enjoyment, encouraging students to be comfortable in the vulnerability of their exploration of their bodies and their movements in the particular moment that the class occurs. I aim at countering the outside approach to one’s own body, and rather make space for self-discovery and self-reconnection through the process of finding the movement, be it set movement or improvised.